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If you're into web design, you may have heard of CoffeeCup Software along the way.  One of CoffeeCup's main goals is to take what is normally difficult in web design and make it as simple as possible.  Many cool things can be done with little-to-no knowledge of HTML/PHP/etc.

A couple of things make this company stand out, mostly being their offer of free upgrades for life and the great staff and users that make a friendly & helpful environment (primarily speaking of the forums). Not only did I buy their Webmaster Super Pack, which gives you all of their (currently 29) programs, but I hung out and helped in the forums enough to be invited as an Advisor. Well, I felt honored, anyway.  :p

So, if you want to spice up your web site with some flashy objects, maybe a music jukebox or video player, be sure to check out CoffeeCup Software.  Having a theme of "money-saving" at my site, you may be asking yourself, "How does promoting CoffeeCup help save me a buck?"  Well, three things:

    1. When you buy software from the big boys like MS & Adobe (FrontPage and Dreamweaver), you'll pay several times the amount, if not more.  You could buy all of CoffeeCup's software for the same price or less than one copy of a competitor's.


    1. After spending that chunk of dough on a competitor's app, you'll soon find out the next version will cost you another couple hundred to upgrade to the latest and greatest.  CoffeeCup's free upgrades for life all of a sudden sounds quite amazing.


  1. Take 20% off your order at CoffeeCup Software with this discount coupon code: 226STS

Check out the listing of apps available here or click here to jump to CoffeeCup's site and start shoppin'! :D

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