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Free alternative to paying for online web hosting services


"WampServer is a Windows web development environment. It allows you to create web applications with Apache, PHP and the MySQL database. It also comes with PHPMyAdmin and SQLiteManager to easily manage your databases. 



Free alternative to Microsoft Exchange


"hMailServer is a free e-mail server for Microsoft Windows. It supports all the common e-mail protocols (IMAP, SMTP and POP3) and comes with an easy-to-use COM library that can be used for integration with other software. It also has support for virtual domains, distribution lists, antivirus, antispam, aliases, distributed domains and much more. E-mail data is stored in a database server, MySQL or MS SQL, depending on your choice."


Now, I understand most people these days would more likely want to just use a free e-mail service (Google Apps ) than to host their own mail server.  However, in case you do, be sure to check this one out.  It's nothing fancy, but it gets the job done...for free.



Free alternative to Internet Explorer


Ok, so you don't really pay for Internet Explorer, at least not in money.  You may lose time, patience and sanity, though. Firefox seems to be quicker & much more stable than Internet Explorer and so it's my choice for browsing.


Core FTP Lite

Free alternative to WSˍFTP & CuteFTP


"This free, secure FTP client gives you a fast, easy, reliable way to update and maintain your website via FTP.  It also provides a secure method (via SSL, TLS, or SFTP) to upload / download files to and from FTP servers."

There are other popular freebies like Filezilla , I just prefer Core FTP.


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